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Made in USA
RoHS & REACH Compliant

ESD Cushion Mats are made of 3/8 inch thick PVC foam that provides extra comfort to technicians working on ESD sensitive products. They are designed for electronic assembly and repair of electronic circuit boards with static sensitive electronic components. They are also available as kits that includes the mat, a common point ground cord, and wrist strap.

Custom sizes are available upon request.

Applications: Aerospace, Aviation, Cleanroom, Computer Operators, Electronic assembly, Fiber Optics manufacturing ans Pharmaceutical Industries

Part Number ESDFM series
Color Blue
Material Type ESD Safe PVC Foam
Thickness 0.375"±10%; 3/8"
Surface Resistivity 107 - 9 x 108
Tensile Strength 100 lbs./in.² minimum
Elongation 100% minimum
Tear 20 lbs./in. minimum

esd cushion mat
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ESD Cushion Mats, 2 Ft. Wide
ESD Cushion Mats, 2.5 Ft. Wide
ESD Cushion Mats, 3 Ft. Wide