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RoHS & REACH Compliant

ESD Field Service Kits are designed to provide a portable ESD safe environment for on-site repair of Electronic products where static charge is a concern. To stop static electricity from damaging electronic components, an ESD safe work area is essential for field service technicians performing in-field repair or installation of electronic devices. The entire kit folds to fit into most tool cases. The Field Service Kit includes a 24" x 24" mat with two 8" x 12" pockets for tools, a wrist strap, and grounding cord.

Applications: Technicians in Business Equipment Repair, Computer Service and Maintenance, Imaging Machines, and Telecommunications.

Part Number FSK series
Color Blue or Red
Material Type ESD Safe Vinyl
Snaps 10mm Male Snap
Surface Resistivity >1.0 x 106
Tensile Strength 220 lbs./in.² minimum
Burst Strength 350 psi
Tear 6 lbs./in. minimum
esd field service kit blue esd field service kit red
  • Part Number
ESD Field Service Kits
  • FSK-2x2B
  • FSK-2x2R