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ESD Test Meters include ESD Surface Resistance Test Meters and ESD Wrist Strap Test Meters. The ESD Surface Resistance Test Meters are used to measure the resistivity of the ESD Work Surface Mats and Floor Mats. The ESD Wrist Strap Test Meters verify a continuous path between the wrist band and a coil cord.

ESD Surface Resistance Meters are portable, battery-operated survey instruments for evaluating the resistivity properties of surfaces, such as static dissipative packaging, flooring, or work surfaces over the range of 10^3 to 10^12 ohms or ohms per square. This pocket size meter uses parallel electrodes on the back of the meter. Perfect for periodic verification, factory audits, or test lab evaluation of a product.

ESD Wrist Strap Test Meters ensure that basic ESD protection is met by quickly and accurately measuring the resistance between an operator, wrist strap, and ground cord. With a test voltage of 9 volts DC, the unit is especially designed to test without harm to the operator. It verifies a continuous grounding path between a wrist band and coil cord by indicating three levels of resistance: “HI”, “LO” and “OK” with an easy to read LED light and an audible alarm. Test parameters are factory set to pass 800K-10M, but it’s adjustable to match your own specifications. Applications: Aerospace assembly, Electronic Manufacturing, Electronic Repairs, Fiber Optics, Hospitals, Medical Assembly, Pharmaceutical facilities, and Solar Assembly

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ESD Test Meters
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